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How many aroma stones does the kit come with?

For now the zen kit comes with one stone & one fragrance oil of your choice.

Do you plan on having any more scent selections?

Yes! So make sure to subscribe to know first when that happens.

How long does the kit last?

That depends on how much you use it, but typically about a month. The more fragrance oil you use the faster you will need to replace it. Wear and tear will occur to the stone so we recommend you clean the stone with a dry napkin or cotton cloth as needed, do not use water to clean it.

What if I break or misplace my stone?

You get a new stone and fragrance oil with your subscription. We don't have replacement stones for one time purchases yet, therefore a new kit would need to be ordered.

Can I use different scents for one stone?

Technically yes, but we don't recommend it. The fragrance oil is absorbed by the stone, using more than one fragrance oil on one stone can cause scents to mix. This can create unwanted smells.

Can I change up my kit with my subscription?

Of course! You can change the color of your stone and fragrance in your subscription settings.